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As an intern at T-Mobile, I had the incredible opportunity to develop a companion mobile app for the company’s new IoT Developer Kit. The kit is designed to make it easy for developers to connect to T-Mobile’s network and build new IoT products! I am so proud to have worked on a team and to have been a part of this project from idea to production.

Development of the iOS App

For my role in the T-Mobile DevEdge IoT Developer Kit, I developed an iOS app that would allow users to easily access sensor data from the IoT Developer Kit and prototype new ideas. This iOS app was meant to serve as a quick and easy starting point for users who have just gotten their kit in the mail and want to get up and running as quickly as possible.

We decided to build the app using Swift and SwiftUI, two of the most popular tools for iOS development. SwiftUI is a modern UI framework that allows for faster and more intuitive app development, which was important for our tight timeline. As a team, we found that SwiftUI helped us create a more seamless user experience, with more flexibility for customization and easy integration with other iOS frameworks.

As we worked on the app, I championed the inclusion of iOS App Clips, a feature that allows users to access a limited version of an app without downloading the full version from the App Store. App Clips would have allowed users to quickly and easily try out our app and access sensor data, without committing to a full download. Although we ultimately decided not to include App Clips in the final release, it was a valuable learning experience for me to research and advocate for a new feature.

Throughout the development process, I had the opportunity to work with a team of experienced developers and designers, who provided guidance and mentorship along the way. I learned a great deal about software development, from planning and design to implementation and testing. It was a challenging and rewarding experience, and I am proud of the final product that we created.


Overall, working on the T-Mobile IoT Developer Kit app was a fantastic opportunity for me as an intern. It allowed me to gain valuable experience in iOS development, and I am excited to see how developers use the app to build innovative connected solutions.


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