T-Mobile DevEdge IoT Developer Kit

Download my app on the iOS App Store and our official Press Release from T-Mobile! Overview As an intern at T-Mobile, I had the incredible opportunity to develop a companion mobile app for the company's new IoT Developer Kit. The kit is designed to make it easy for developers to connect to T-Mobile's network and... Continue Reading →

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Building a Neural Network to Play Snake

Update 6/16: This project has been selected by Apple as the WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge Winner. Before we start...Check out the Code This all started as a class project for computer science, and the mission was simple. Build a neural network that can play snake...from scratch. When I started on this, I didn't know what... Continue Reading →

Making a Lightning-Fast Electric Bike

I live fairly close to everything I need, and it is not necessary for me to use a car every day. So, what if I built a lightning-fast, long-range electric bike. Let's see how well it works... Specs: Bike: Some random low-quality bike from Walmart that was lying around Motor: 1000W Voilamart Rear Hub Motor... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Website

So like. I don’t know if I needed this. But I now have a website. I'll probably put little programming projects and files and things up here. We'll see what happens. For right now you can feel free to get in contact with me on my social media at the top of the site. Or... Continue Reading →

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