Making a Lightning-Fast Electric Bike

I live fairly close to everything I need, and it is not necessary for me to use a car every day. So, what if I built a lightning-fast, long-range electric bike. Let’s see how well it works…



Some random low-quality bike from Walmart that was lying around

The great thing about all of these components is that they are very easy to use. Really, the only steps to get it working are:

  1. Replacing the back wheel
  2. Mounting the brakes, LCD, motor controller, and battery
  3. Wiring
  4. Go

It seems pretty simple, and well, here’s how version 1.0 went

…it went surprisingly well. The whole system is fairly reliable and has a top speed of +30 mph. Even better, it has a range of more than 18 miles on a single charge. All while keeping all the functionality of a normal bike. It was a huge success.

However, it isn’t all success, there are a couple of issues. The biggest of which is the almost inability to stop. See, the stock bike has “V Brakes” which are great for bikes going at normal speeds, but at 30mph, the brakes are barely effective. So, stay tuned for an upgrade to disc brakes.

Overall, I’d call this an overwhelming success, and I will definitely be taking this to college with me so that I can continue to commute emission-free.


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