T-Mobile DevEdge IoT Developer Kit

Download my app on the iOS App Store and our official Press Release from T-Mobile! Overview As an intern at T-Mobile, I had the incredible opportunity to develop a companion mobile app for the company's new IoT Developer Kit. The kit is designed to make it easy for developers to connect to T-Mobile's network and... Continue Reading →

Building a Neural Network to Play Snake

Update 6/16: This project has been selected by Apple as the WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge Winner. Before we start...Check out the Code This all started as a class project for computer science, and the mission was simple. Build a neural network that can play snake...from scratch. When I started on this, I didn't know what... Continue Reading →

Making a Lightning-Fast Electric Bike

I live fairly close to everything I need, and it is not necessary for me to use a car every day. So, what if I built a lightning-fast, long-range electric bike. Let's see how well it works... Specs: Bike: Some random low-quality bike from Walmart that was lying around Motor: 1000W Voilamart Rear Hub Motor... Continue Reading →

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